Your involvement is just as important as the DEIR/DEIS!

The Environmental Impact Report (DEIR/DEIS) speaks to the need to relieve local/regional traffic and improve transportation for San Gabriel Valley Communities. The DEIR/DEIS is a report that evaluates in detail, impacts of the 710 freeway to the study area. According to Metro, State and Federal Environmental Law requires that projects be assessed in detail to examine the positive or negative environmental, social, and economic impacts.

The lengthy report equally evaluates five alternatives for the SR-710 Study:

  1. No Build” alternative – would leave traffic conditions as they are today.

  2. Traffic Management System” project (TMS) – would upgrade and synchronize signals and improvements to local streets and intersections.

  3. Bus Rapid Transit” project (BRT) – would feature high-frequency service, minimal stops and potentially dedicated bus lanes.

  4. Light Rail Transit” project (LRT) – would move passengers on fixed rail between East Los Angeles and Pasadena.

  5. "The Freeway Tunnel"- would extend the 710 North freeway from where it currently ends, just south of Valley Boulevard, to 210 and 134 freeway interchange in Pasadena. Learn about why the 710 tunnel is the best alternative here.

Community involvement is an integral part of the SR-710 Study. Comments and questions are helpful in refining the design of the alternatives to make sure that key issues are addressed. The first public hearing will be held on Saturday, April 11 at the Roscoe C. Ingalls Auditorium, RSVP to this event here. A second hearing will be on Tuesday, April 14 at the Pasadena Convention Center. RSVP to the second public hearing here.


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