Why a light rail option would be bad news for East Los Angeles

One alternative examined by the DEIR/DEIS is the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. The LRT would be constructed in part with a tunnel and a portion above ground over the neighborhood of East Los Angeles. The LRT will shut down 73 businesses, put 646 employees out of a job and take 69 properties! The DEIR/EIS states that the "LRT alternative adversely impacts the community character and cohesion of this part of East Los Angeles,” thereby reducing the quality of life of those who live in the neighborhood.

Passengers who use LRT will pay a fare to ride in rail cars. This fare will not be enough to support construction and maintenance of the rail system. Taxpayers will pay an enormous amount in subsidies to maintain LRT. Ask yourself, will residents of the San Gabriel Valley support an alternative that will adversely disrupt the quality of life of its community rather than improve it?

A recent San Gabriel Valley Tribune story noted the following: “Environmental report on 710 Freeway gap: Tunnel would ease traffic more than light rail." The article further noted that a light-rail train would “disrupt the social fabric of the community” of East Los Angeles. Click here to read more from this article.

Support the alternative that successfully addresses mobility, air quality, and congestion. The 710 tunnel is the only alternative that makes sense for the entire Los Angeles region! Learn more about why here and join us at the two final Caltrans/Metro public hearings! To receive more information about the hearings click here.