Why Complete the 710?

Our communities have suffered from freeway “cut through” traffic long enough.  The 710 tunnel will connect the current northern terminus of the 710 to the 210 in the San Gabriel Valley.  Closing the gap and building a tunnel will reduce gridlock on surface streets and reduce commute times.

Once completed, the 710 tunnel will slash traffic clogging local streets by 61%, reducing 80,000 daily cut-through trips.  Increased freeway capacity will address gridlock not just in the San Gabriel valley, but throughout Los Angeles County, in downtown Los Angeles and stretching as far east as the 605 freeway and on many arterials and highways within the radius. Traffic experts agree that closing the gap is the best opportunity to ease traffic congestion in the region.

Los Angeles County voters approved Measure R in 2008 that included the 710 tunnel as a named project.  Polling has shown majority support for completing the freeway, (El Sereno 60% support, San Gabriel Valley Cities 63%, and Glendale 51%).  In 2001, 58% percent of the people of Pasadena voted to lock in an official City position in favor of completing the 710 freeway.

Building the 710 tunnel will:

  • Reduce traffic and gridlock, especially cut through traffic in our cities
  • Create good quality jobs
  • Respect the decision of the community and the voters who approved the tunnel project and Measure R
  • Keep pedestrians and school children safe by reducing traffic in local neighborhoods  
  • Benefit local businesses when it’s easier to reach their locations. 
  • Improve fire and police response times when streets are less congested.
  • Reduce the number of cars and trucks stuck idling in traffic  

For too long, local residents faced increased traffic congestion while cities further to the north have resisted the completion of the freeway.  It’s time for the entire region to do what it takes to improve quality of life for our residents!

Sign on and support the 710 Coalition and complete the SR-710 North tunnel today! Close the gap!