Metro's SR-710 North Project Awareness Campaign


On November 21, 2014, Metro's The Source highlighted the SR-710 North project awareness campaign. As the release of the draft environmental impact report/statement (DEIR/S) nears, Metro is creating a stronger effort to increase public awareness and highlight the facts around the project. Examples of Metro's efforts can be seen on as they published an ad to encourage the people to  “Learn the facts; Get Involved; Be part of the solution.” 

The article states the importance of the DEIR/S, "the study is a big deal. The DEIR/S is funded by Measure R — the half-cent sales tax approved by nearly 68 percent of Los Angeles County voters in 2008 — and has been in the works since early 2011."  

While the tunnel option has been proven to provide the biggest traffic relief from all alternatives studied, the DEIR/S, equally explores the five alternatives including the freeway tunnel, bus rapid transit, light rail, transportation system management and the no build option. According to the article "the Metro Board of Directors will ultimately select a preferred alternative and forward their recommendation to Caltrans — but that only will come after hearing what the public has to say about the environmental studies." Click here to read more of The Source's article. 

Get involved and voice your advocacy for the 710 freeway tunnel by signing the petition and encouraging others to do so as well!