Metro Alternatives

Metro is currently considering five alternatives, including the mandated "no build" option.  Preliminary evaluations suggest that the single most effective concept in terms of improving traffic congestion, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving regional mobility is the Tunnel concept which completes the 710 freeway.

No Build Alternative

Not building leaves the 710 in its existing configuration with no additional lanes, tunnel, or interchange improvements. This option is a requirement of the environmental review process, and will result in a catastrophic increase in traffic.

Alternative 1: Transportation Systems Management Concept/ Transportation Demand Management

This option would try to manage the coming increase in traffic and population by creating minor improvements in surface street intersections.  It will never be enough to stop the gridlock.

Alternative 2: Bus/Rapid Transit

This proposal creates rapid transit bus lanes and would increase public transportation.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take into account the amount of through traffic and wouldn’t do enough to solve the problems.  It would take away a traffic lane on Atlantic for a dedicated bus lane, worsening traffic on surface streets.

Alternative 3: Light Rail

Like the bus option, extending the light rail system just won’t make enough of an impact on traffic at key times, and doesn’t address through traffic at all.

Alternative 4: Tunnel

710 Tunnel Concept is the best option to reduce traffic and improve quality of life for all of us in the LA region.



Metro has released the Alternative Analysis which provides an initial assessment of how well the five alternatives achieve the overall program goals. Links are provided below to the Executive Summary, the Alternative Analysis Report and the appendices included in the study.

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