Councilmember Barbara Messina- "Availability of federal transportation funding to states, counties, and cities is invaluable"

On June 27th, City of Alhambra Councilmember Barbara Messina published an article on about the importance of completing the 710 Corridor project.

“While Los Angeles County is investing an unprecedented amount expanding our public transit system, we also are making smart highway improvements” states Councilmember Messina, “ and nothing is smarter than completing the missing link in our freeway system.”

In this article Messina outlines the benefits of completing the 710 freeway, such as congestion, gridlock, and improved air quality. “The 710 tunnel will remove 2,200 pounds of air pollutants each day...that's about 803,000 pounds annually.”

The article also highlights the fact that the SR 710 tunnel was approved back in 2008! According to Councilmember Messina, if built, the tunnel would create “40,300 construction and related jobs while providing living wages for workers and families, with average earnings of $63,000 per year.”

Councilmember Barbara Messina concludes the article with a breakdown of the current funding towards the project and adds that “the availability of future federal assistance would be invaluable.”

To read this article click here. For more information on the many benefits of the 710 Project click here