710 Coalition Reacts to Proposed Legislation to Stifle Progress of 710 Freeway Tunnel

Earlier this month, the 710 Coalition reacted to proposed legislation aimed at stalling the ongoing process to complete the 710 freeway.  “This legislation is an audacious maneuver by 710 tunnel opponents to thwart years of progress toward completion of the freeway,” said the 710 Coalition in response to Assemblymember Chris Holden’s proposed legislation that would stifle progress toward completion of the 710 freeway. 

The Coalition which is made up of San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County cities, residents, organizations, school districts, and businesses determined to see the 710 Freeway completed and a tunnel built as soon as possible added, “The opposition is disregarding years of public input.  Hundreds of project related meetings and hearings have occurred over the last five years.  To disrupt the process is unconscionable and disrespectful to all involved.   The tunnel is the best way to close the gap – it provides reductions in traffic and the biggest job boost to the local and regional economy.”  Coalition cities were quick to confirm their opposition of the bill.  See cities' letters of opposition below: