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Volume Pills Can Influence Sexual Behavior

A new national study of American sexual behavior claims Americans, especially the better educated, are having more sex despite the threat of AIDS, considered by many to be a disease of gays and the poor.

“The Janus Report of Sexual Behavior,” by the husband-and-wife research team of Samuel and Cynthia Janus, says the AIDS panic that spread across the nation has receded and that a new “sexual revolution” is underway with both men and women reporting increased sexual activity well into old age.

Publishers John Wiley & Sons said the book was the first full-scale national scientific study of American sexual behavior since the 1948 and 1953 Kinsey reports and quotes Dr. William Masters of the Masters and Johnson Institute as saying it “brings us into the 21st century”.

It is based on a nine-year study of more than 7,000 people from 18 to 80 and beyond, across a wide spectrum of incomes, educational levels and political and religious beliefs.

Basically, the book shows that old rules governing sex no longer apply and many Americans now ad lib moral and lifestyle decisions or make them in the context of the morality of their own small peer groups.

The Janus Report is a study of heterosexuals and does not explore the behavior of homosexuals, although it reports 22 percent of men and 17 percent of women surveyed reported having at least one homosexual experience.

Nor does it attempt to find out how widespread is the use of condoms beyond reporting that 64 percent of Catholics, 62 percent of Protestants, and 68 percent of Jews said they used contraceptives.

The Januses found residents of the Northeast and West are pacesetters in seeking more bounteous sex, with Midwesterns being the least sexually active.

Sex in the South, “in many ways reflects the serious contradictions of the evangelists who were caught practicing the opposite of what they preach,” they noted. The South has the earliest ages of sexual initiation and the most reported premarital sex.

Part of the sexual revolution is the increasing acceptance of sadomasochistic sex, the authors said, adding that their study showed that people who identify themselves as “ultraconservatives” are three times more accepting of sadomasochism in sex than either “ultraliberals” or “independents.”

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