PhenQ Can Help You Maintain a Constant Weight

Obesity research began to change when investigators came to appreciate the significance of an observation that has been made by scores of scientists over a period of decades: most animals maintain a constant weight. How do they do it? And if maintaining a stable weight is so natural, why do so many people have such difficulty with it?

Even people whose weights are normal frequently must struggle to keep from gaining. This is reflected, notes Judith Rodin, a psychologist at Yale University, in surveys of healthy people of normal weight–women, in particular–in which respondents reveal that they constantly fear getting fat and are always on diets.

Eating disorders are pervasive. Bulimia, in which people gorge themselves with enormous quantities of food and then purge themselves by vomiting or taking laxatives, “is strictly a Western phenomenon,” says Rodin. It is a direct result, she believes, of the pressures that women in particular feel to be slim–pressures that may not let up from youth to old age.

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Susan Wooley, a University of Cincinnati psychologist, remarks that bulimia is becoming epidemic among young women because “it is one way to avoid becoming fat. As the standard of thinness has shrunk, more and more women are uncomfortable with their natural body size and diet until they get so hungry they lose control of their eating.”

She conducted a survey of 33,000 women for Glamour and found that about 20 percent of the respondents who were below age 20 reported that they had made themselves vomit to keep from gaining weight. And when Rodin surveyed 200 women ages 62 to 91, their second most widely stated problem after concern about memory loss was worry about gaining weight.