A Letter to the Editor from Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian, Monterey Park

Earlier this week, Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian of Monterey Park responded to an article published in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune entitled, "710 Freeway tunnel included in report's top 12 boondoggle highway projects." Read her comment below: 


It is appalling that tunnel opponents were quoted in a one-sided story while those who live and work in the 710 project area were excluded from comment.  Those complaining about the “boondoggle project” don’t live in the midst of the severe congestion resulting from the incomplete freeway.  It’s time to report the real facts.

For decades this project has been stalled by a small vocal minority.  The real boondoggle of this situation? The tens of thousands of vehicles that cut through local streets daily in the San Gabriel Valley because the 710 freeway is incomplete.  These cars cause severe congestion resulting in poor air quality throughout the San Gabriel Valley.  Building the tunnel, closing the gap, and returning local streets to local service is the only way to address the unacceptable environmental injustice that exists today.  Just ask tunnel supporters for our side of the story.