SR 710 North Study Announcements


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Important Announcements Regarding the State Route 710 North Study


1. Caltrans and Metro have extended the public review and comment period for the SR 710 North Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIR/EIS).  The new deadline for submitting comments is now August 5, 2015.


2. Metro is pleased to announce that the Analysis of Costs and Benefits  (CBA) for the SR 710 North Study Alternatives has been completed and can be downloaded here.


Public Comment Period

There are various ways to submit a formal comment on the Draft EIR/EIS by August 5, 2015:


By mail, addressing your comment(s) to: 

Mr. Garrett Damrath

Caltrans District 7

Division of Environmental Planning

100 S. Main St., MS-16

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Online, by completing the e-comment form at:


The Analysis of Costs and Benefits for the State Route 710 North Study Alternatives was prepared in response to direction by the Metro Board.  The motion directed the Chief Executive Officer to conduct a parallel cost-benefit analysis concurrent with the Draft Environmental Impact Report. The CBA is a means of applying an economic (monetary) value to alternatives (transportation proposals), which enables the costs of an alternative to be compared directly to the benefits the alternative will deliver.   The CBA will be considered in conjunction with the information provided in the Draft EIR/EIS during identification of the Preferred Alternative.

As a reminder, the SR 710 North Draft EIR/EIS alternatives include construction of new facilities; improvements to enhance and optimize the efficiency of the existing transportation system; and No Build (only currently programmed projects).  The four build alternatives are as follows: 1) the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Alternative; 2) the Freeway Tunnel Alternative (with design and operational variations); 3) the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Alternative; and, 4) the Transportation System Management/ Transportation Demand Management (TSM/TDM) Alternative or operational improvements.  The Draft EIR/EIS does not recommend or select a Preferred Alternative. 


To view the SR 710 North Draft EIR/EIS, please click here.


Thank you again for your interest in this regionally-significant transportation study.