710 Tunnel is the Best Alternative

The recently released DEIR/EIS report studies five alternatives to “effectively and efficiently accommodate the regional and local…travel demands (DEIR/DEIS.)” These include a “no build” alternative, a traffic management system, bus rapid transit, light rail transit, and the SR-710 tunnel gap closure. While the Report consists of thousands of pages and appendices, the report clearly concludes that the freeway tunnel alternative will provide the greatest benefits to the public. The tunnel will close the gap in the 710 freeway between the I-10 and the I-210 freeways, alleviating traffic congestion throughout the region.

The tunnel alternative will offer the greatest improvement in travel times and the greatest reduction in long distance trips by motorists using local streets. The 710 tunnel also offers the greatest increase in regional job opportunities while decreasing morning and evening regional vehicle hours traveled.

Currently the I-5 Freeway is the most congested freeway in the state of California, and the 710 Tunnel would work to significantly relieve that congestion as well as congestion on other connecting freeways and arterial highways. It is the only alternative that would achieve that goal. Most importantly, the 710 Tunnel would not result in any significant displacements of residents or businesses or affect the character or cohesion of any of the communities under which the tunnel will be constructed.

The community is encouraged to make comments on the DEIR/DEIS and express their thoughts and concerns on the five alternatives. The first public hearing will be held on Saturday, April 11 at the Roscoe C. Ingalls Auditorium, RSVP to this event here. A second hearing will be on Tuesday, April 14 at the Pasadena Convention Center. RSVP to the second public hearing here.

Express your support for the 710 Tunnel by signing the petition. To learn more about the benefits of completing the 710 Tunnel please visit our FAQs.