710 Tunnel Continues to Move Forward with Release of DIER/DEIS

March 6, 2015, San Gabriel Valley, CA - The 710 Coalition lauded Metro and Caltrans for continuing to advance the 710 tunnel project through the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Statement (DEIR/DEIS) today.
"The release of draft environmental documents is an important step in making this voter-approved project a reality," said Councilmember Barbara Messina, City of Alhambra.
The 710 Tunnel highway project was approved in 2008 when two-thirds of Los Angeles County voters approved Measure R, the 0.5% transportation sales tax. The project is also is part of both Metro's current Long Range Transportation Plan and the Southern California Association of Government's (SCAG) current Regional Transportation Plan.
A previous study commissioned by Metro estimated that the 710 tunnel will create 40,300 jobs. The 710 Coalition will make additional comments regarding the DEIR/DEIS in a few weeks after reviewing the environmental documents.  
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About the 710 Coalition
The 710 Coalition represents Southern California communities united in an effort to see the 710 completed. The expanding membership of the Coalition is comprised of cities, businesses, labor, school districts, and individuals joined together to initiate action and engagement on issues surrounding completion of the 710 freeway. Visit www.710Coaliton.com for more information about the SR-710 North Study and the Coalition’s efforts.