Supporters Gather for 710 Day Celebration

On Thursday July 10th, supporters of the 710 Freeway extension along with San Gabriel Valley residents gathered in the City of Alhambra for the second annual 710 Day! The event was filled with fun games, live entertainment, face-painting, City of Alhambra birthday cupcakes, 710 give-aways, food trucks, a U2-cover band and information booths celebrating supporters' efforts to “Close the Gap!”

Alhambra City Mayor, Stephen Sham, and his co-host, Made in Hollywood reporter/host Kylie Erica Mar, opened the ceremony with a warm welcome and introduction to the 710 cause. Local city officials followed with their own messages about the importance of closing the gap.

Among the speakers, Alhambra Unified School District Board Member, Adele Andrade-Stadler said, “As a person who lives three blocks down...we have been choking for years and the choking has got to stop!” Stadler waived an inhaler in the air, “we have trouble breathing in this neighborhood, because of a lack of a tunnel in the city, we need to close that gap!”

The proposed 710 Freeway extension would help alleviate air pollution by relieving street congestion that impacts neighborhoods and elementary schools such as local Fremont Elementary. Many parents and students from the elementary school also joined the festivities to show their support of the solution. Alhambra City Councilman, Steven Placido stressed his beliefs on closing the gap stating “our children, our community, and thousands of residents in surrounding neighborhoods are at risk because the 710 freeway is not complete.”

710 Day festivities continued which included free shaved ice, an entertaining performance by U2 cover band L.A. Vation, and free cupcakes in honor of Alhambra's Birthday. Booths such as AAA, Cal Trans, and supporters Sprinkler Fitters U.A. Local 709, were also present offering information about their services. More than just a celebration, the festivities offered the community a chance to learn the facts and understand for themselves what closing the gap means and offer their support with signing petitions. 

Feel like you missed out on the fun? Stay connected and check our our photo album on Facebook! Get informed about the many benefits of completing the 710 Freeway! Show your support to “Close the Gap” and sign the petition today!




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  • commented 2014-07-18 17:18:33 -0700
    Alhambra residents are right to be upset about traffic congestion in their city. However, the much simpler solution would be to toll non-residents that use their streets. That would very effectively mitigate the outside traffic that everybody’s complaining about. Why the city council has not pursued this is unbelievable! The city would actually make money. Small european cities have already successfully implemented this model, so Alhambra could just follow their lead. They could even receive federal grants to pay for it.