710 Coalition Reacts to Cost Benefit Analysis Forum


710 Coalition Reacts to Cost Benefit Analysis Forum


September 22, 2016, Pasadena, CA – 


In response to the informational meeting regarding the analysis of costs and benefits of the State Route 710N Study, to be hosted by Caltrans and Metro, the 710 Coalition issued the following statement:


“The cost-benefit analysis clearly shows that the voter-approved freeway tunnel is the best option,” said the Coalition.  “Environmental analysis also says the tunnel is best, cutting commute times and pollution."


Additional Background:


In 2012, LA Metro released a list of five alternatives to be studied as part of the SR-710 North Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR.)  A freeway tunnel was among the proposals.  The 710 Coalition continues to support the tunnel as the best alternative for completing the freeway.  A freeway tunnel will reduce congestion and air pollution in local neighborhoods, provide a missing link to the gap in a regional freeway system, reduce emissions and decrease cut-through traffic in surrounding communities. 


Last year, Metro and Caltrans issued an Analysis of Costs and Benefits (CBA) for the State Route 710 (SR-710) North study alternatives for public review. The CBA was prepared at the direction of the Metro Board and is a means of applying an economic value to alternatives being evaluated for the SR 710.  The CBA is one of many technical reports that will be used to evaluate the five alternatives. 


The Coalition was formed in 1982 and represents communities united to see the 710 freeway completed. It is made up of businesses, school districts, cities, and individuals united under a common umbrella of action and information. The founding member cities are: Alhambra, Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel, and San Marino.  For a complete list of supporters and more information about the 710 Coalition please visit us at our website: http://www.710coalition.com/.



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