Join the 710 Coalition! Let’s close the gap and build the SR-710 North tunnel.

The 710 Coalition is made up of San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County cities, residents, organizations, school districts, and businesses determined to see the 710 Freeway completed and a tunnel built as soon as possible.  Our members understand the local and regional benefits of completing the 710 Freeway Tunnel. The tunnel is the best way to close the gap – it provides reductions in traffic and the biggest job boost to the local and regional economy. View a list of members and supporters here.

Twenty percent of the Los Angeles County population lives in the San Gabriel Valley and in the east/northeast of Los Angeles yet there is NO North and South freeway to connect the 10, the 210 and the 110.  Los Angeles County voters approved Measure R in 2008, including the 710 North Tunnel as a named project.  If the 710 Gap is not closed by a new tunnel, then major traffic arteries between the 210 and 10 Freeways will have at least 10,000 more vehicles on them every day by 2015.  Gridlock on surface streets brings major environment and public safety risks to our communities in the San Gabriel Valley.  If we complete the 710 Freeway and close the gap, we’ll improve traffic in the entire region.

Pasadena voters overwhelmingly approved completion of the 710 Freeway at a public vote in 2001.  City Councils, Chambers of Commerce, School Districts, and elected officials have all joined together to support closing the gap.

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Join us and support completion of the missing link in our freeway system!  Stop gridlock, create jobs, and improve quality of life in our communities!


Latest News

On May 19th, Senator Patricia C Bates of 36th senate district has officially declared support for the 710 tunnel. Read her letter of support here:

Mark your calendars! The City of Alhambra will be hosting a 710 celebration. Cleverly dated for July 10th, 710 day will consist of interactive games, informational booths,  and surprises to celebrate the community and project. To RSVP for the event click here.  The goal is to raise awareness about the...

Efforts to support completion of the 710 freeway continue to garner support. Several local and state officials, labor leaders and residents are growing increasingly vocal about the need for and benefits of a tunnel. Unfortunately, the opposition continues to avoid debating the true facts. It’s important for our communities to...